Specialist Yachts Painters

We are Specialist Yachts Painters. Nautical Envirotech bring new life and restore original beauty to yachts and boats.

Gel-coat, Fiberglass repairs, paint , varnishing, Osmosis Treatments and Antifouling service.
We use the best of europe advanced technology, make the most satisfied paint and coatings  according to actual demand for internal and overseas customer.

We are Exclusive installers in the province of Tarragona of "Cuprotect the World's Best fouling control system”, manufactured by ECO-SEA, the only one in the market that gives you a 5 year written guarantee.


We have experienced personnel for the realization of repairs and modifications on your boat, we have vehicles equipped to assist your necessities in the port that you prefer.


We use the most well known and technologically advanced products available to the marine industry, guaranteeing a pleasant and durable finishing.