What is Cuprotect®   ?

Cuprotect ® is a unique fouling control system, not paint, using the metallurgical, non corroding properties of copper and copper alloys to provide unmatched bio-fouling protection, even under the most stringent conditions.

The world's best fouling control system

Cuprotect ® comprises, in essence, an epoxy resin primer layer to provide a tough, stable base with a strong bond to the hull substrate. This is followed by the binder coat incorporating specially selected thixotropic agents to ensure optimum bonding between the primer and the final, sprayed-on outer layer of granular copper nickel alloy.

Consequences of not using Cuprotect®:

In addition, because Cuprotect ® provides an impermeable layer between water and the hull it helps protect against rust, corrosion and osmosis. Because of the shape of the copper particles, Cuprotect ® is non-conductive and therefore eliminates any concern about galvanic activity.

Cuprotect ® is suitable for application to every type of hull in GRP, steel, ferro cement. Many wooden hulls are also suitable, please contact us for information.

Before and after applying Cuprotect®:

Professional application and cost savings

In addition, Cuprotect ® gives better long term fuel consumption and friction-reduced performance.

Because of its complexity Cuprotect ® has to be applied by trained professional installers. This allows us to provide a written 5-year guarantee. However, when the total costs of antifouling a boat every year are calculated (hauling out and in, travel, labour and materials), boat owners can recover their Cuprotect® investment in 2 to 3 years - against a 5 year guarantee and the potential 10 year product life.

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